Personal Branding

4 part webinar series

August 7, August 14, August 21, August 28, 2018
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM – Pacific

Personal Branding Workshop

Create a personal brand based on your authentic self and reflect it online!

In today’s fast paced and crowded world, it is very easy to get lost in the masses. A personal brand based on your passion and purpose will help you stand out.  This workshop will take you through the steps to establish your personal brand and will provide you with techniques to make your online persona reflect your brand.

Who should attend?

Individuals looking to make a significant change in their status quo

If you are:

  • Looking to change your job
  • Seeking a promotion
  • Establishing yourself as a thought-leader
  • Creating a new perception of who you are
  • Pursuing fulfillment in your personal life
  • Wanting to boost your dating life
  • Establishing business as your personal brand
  • Wanting a fresh start in your life

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Create a marketing strategy and an implementation plan for your company!

Gain key insights as you are led through a process of thinking strategically about your company and its revenue objectives. The workshop leader will coach you in creating an individualized strategy and a realistic implementation plan that is right for you and your customer base.


Who should attend?

Small Business owners who sell a product or a service


  • Small Manufacturing Companies
  • Engineering and construction service providers
  • Doctors, Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Skin care clinics, Aesthetics And Cosmetic Surgery clinics, etc.
  • CPA firms, Accounting and Tax preparation firms
  • Lawyers / Law firms,  Architects, Interior Designers
  • Architects, Designers and other creative service providers
  • Start-up Founders in hi-tech as well as low-tech space

Why Should you Attend the Marketing Strategy Workshop?

Increase your revenues

Create a marketing strategy that will give your company a sustainable revenue growth

Create predictable revenues

Fine-tune your lead generation process to create a predictable lead and revenue flow

Attract your greatest customer

Understand who your greatest (not best)  customer is and attract them systematically

Abhijeet Vaidya, CEO and Chief Strategist

Email marketing webinar clip

Marketing Strategy Workshop

4 part webinar series

Day 1: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Defining the objective

In a small company, the distinction between marketing and sales is quite blurred.  In this session, we will look at the entire revenue generation system your company has.

  • Set goals for your business
  • Analyze your current business
  • Define your greatest customer
  • Choose your focus area

Day 2: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Defining revenue pathways

Most small business owners get their revenue in a certain way.  This session will help you explore different pathways / avenues to profitable revenue.

  • Greatest customer in more details
  • Avenues of getting business
  • Create your marketing+sales revenue funnel
  • Choose area of funnel to focus on

Day 3: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Marketing strategies

Having clearly defined our focus areas and the objectives in these, in this session we will explore different ways of achieving them.

  • Objective based marketing
  • In-bound v/s outbound marketing
  • Marketing channels
  • Marketing technologies

Day 4: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

90 day action plan

Given that we have clearly defined objectives, we have narrowed down on our greatest customer as well as the defined the product strategy, figured out one or two marketing programs which will bring us the biggest benefits, it is now time to create an action plan.

  • Explore various options
  • Create a plan
  • Identify the resources
  • Define success metrics
  • Create tasklist with timelines

Workshop Leader

A 20 year industry veteran

Abhijeet Vaidya

CEO and Chief Strategist

Abhijeet brings over 20 years of experience in the IT industry to OpenTech. He played a key role in fostering partnerships with companies such as Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks, Autodesk, IBM, Wells Fargo, and more. He has developed over 500 projects in diverse fields such as manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, fitness, healthcare, IT training and has managed production of over 5,000 hours of content. Abhijeet earned a BS in Mathematics from the University of Pune after studying for two years at the National Defense Academy in India.

Years of Experience

Clients worked with

Projects handled

Marketing content elements produced


My company is too small for marketing. Why should I attend?
As a small company, you use your resources wisely! And yet, we spend number of hours speaking with prospects who are not ready to buy from us. We also find it difficult to say “No” to any form of revenue coming in.  This workshop will help you define a marketing funnel and a product mix that will help you focus your sales and marketing resources.
I would rather just hire a consultant to take care of my marketing!
Excellent strategy! Works especially well when you know how to direct his/her energies! Outsourcing always works with the right blend of trusting your vendor and trying out new things with just enough knowledge to know how you can evaluate his/her performance!  Having clarity on the basics , the 4 Ps of marketing, enables you to work with your consultant and start seeing results.
Will this be a technical workshop?
In other words, can will we speak about details of email marketing or how to use implement FaceBook Pixel? NO! This workshop is meant to create a high – level strategy as well as a very tactical low – level implementation plan. We will not have the time to dive deep in to the techical implementation details. We have organized another workshop for that – you may attend that or depute one of your team members to attend that.
I can't afford marketing!
Most Small Business Owners see marketing as a cost center – an activity in which money is seen going out and not coming in. A few ways we can change that – 1) Instead of indiscriminately spending money on all and any marketing activity, if we focused in on that activity which will provide the highest returns, we will start to see the effectiveness. 2) Marketing is all about measurement and optimization. And that which we do not measure, we cannot optimize. 3) You do not need to allocate big budgets for marketing – just one or two activities done well will start to show you results.
I spent a lot of money with a marketing consultant and did not get any results!
We are sorry to hear that! But this does happen at times. But instead of playing the blame game, we could look at a few things here – 1) Did you have a clear objective for the consultant to work on or towards? 2) Were you measuring the outcomes and can you tell with numbers if he/she was effective or not? 3) Did you have monthly and quarterly business reviews with the consultant to review the metrics and provide course correcrtive directions? I am sure that we can list a number of things the consultant did wrong – however, with the three things above, you will be able to find what is working and what is not on which you can have control!
Most workshops like these are intended to just sell some other services. What are you selling?
As a company, we sell Coaching servies and provide marketing services like developing websites, marketing videos, running your email marketing campagins and social media campagins. And while we will have a plug or two for our services, we are COMMITTED to you creating a marketing plan which you can implement ON YOUR OWN! We promise that this workshop alone will be sufficient for 75% of the attendees to drastically alter their revenue flow. For the remaining 25%, we are here to serve you!

Coaching Services

Marketing leadership you can trust

Group Coaching

$495 per month

If you are a small business owner and want to have the benefit of an exprienced marketer along with 4 other similar sized CEOs, this service is right for you.

Small Group Coaching - 2

$895 per month

If you would like more time with the coach but still do not have the need or the budget to have a one on one coach, this service may be right for you.

1 on 1 coaching

$1,745 per month

Coaching sessions with your coach to deal with marketing of only your company

Fractional CMO

$2,945 per month onwards

If you would like to have access to a senior marketing leader for up to 4 hours every week to work with your senior leadership as well as tactical marketing implementation person, this would be the right solution for you.

Details of Coaching Services

Coaching is provided through weekly calls. Groups coaching will have all the group members on the call. Each call will be 60 to 75 minutes long. Calls are divided in to two sections – one section to discuss a certain marketing tactic and educate the clients on that tactic and the second section will be dedicated to accountability and answering client questions.


As you implement your marketing plan, we will hold you accountable. We will work with you in creating SMARTS goals and share best practices to meet them.


All projects face some issues or the other – from simple stumbling blocks to major problems. We will work with you in identifying key solutions.


Do it in-house or outsource or do we get interns to take care of it?  Can we automate it? Or do you get your Office Manager to do it?


As you are  implementing your social Media startegy, you will have process, technology and ideation related questions.


White-papers, concept papers, articles, listicles, explainer videos, webinars – the list goes on.  Decide which element will help you achieve your marketing goals.


How do you optimize your email marketing campaigns to achieve the conversion rate you desire?


Digital marketers often talk about various technologies. From website tracking and reporting  to email marketing and marketing automation, technology plays an important role in marketing.


Videos enable marketers to grab their audience’s attention and are very effective in conversions. How do you create videos at a low cost? What kinds of videos should you create?


In this world of Digital Marketing, do offline marketing vehicles like Direct Mailers, Radio advertising and Events still work?  Are they relevant for you?
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